Concrete Products

Mid South is a PCI certified plant that provides a variety of prestressed and precast concrete products for commercial and industrial construction projects. We specialize in the production, delivery and erection of:

Hollow Core Plank

Hollow Core Planks or Slabs

Hollow core planks (or hollow core slabs) are typically used as floor/wall components in a wide range of building types. Long hollow cores, or voids, run the entire length of each piece and can be used to run mechanical and electrical equipment.

Concrete Beams and Columns

Precast Structural Beams and Columns

Precast concrete beams (rectangular beams, inverted tee beams, and L-beams) are typically considered structural components that support deck components such as double tees and hollow-core slabs. Square or rectangular precast concrete columns typically support cross members such as beams, spandrels, or panels.

Precast Concrete Walls

Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Designed as loadbearing or non-loadbearing, precast concrete wall panels can be used as architectural, structural, or combination elements within a building’s design. Mid South can provide solid wall panels, insulated wall panels, and acoustical sound walls.

Mid South can also provide specialty precast concrete products to your needs and design specifications.  We have created custom solutions for clients like ammunition storage bunkers and other unique applications. If you require the use of non-standard products, contact us to discuss your construction project.