Construction Considerations

When evaluating the various building systems that can be incorporated into a commercial or industrial structure, precast concrete offers several compelling aspects to consider during the construction phase.  Precast concrete forms can be standardized and easily and economically replicated for large projects or be custom formed to accommodate unique shapes and sizes as required.  It also integrates well with a range of HVAC, electrical, lighting, mechanical and plumbing systems. In terms of additional time savings, Mid South Prestress eliminates double handling of precast components, delivering plant-fabricated hollow core plank, structural columns and beams, and wall panels directly from the truck to the construction site.

Some key construction benefits include:

Structural Integrity

The ability to remain stable during and after placement, combined with high material consolidation and admixtures which provide a higher compressive strength than traditional concrete, help maximize precast concrete’s structural integrity and durability. It also provides a high modulus of elasticity, ensuring low elastic deformation of the concrete under dynamic and static loads.

Controlled Environments

Buildings and structures that require controlled environments such as clean rooms and laboratories or food-preparation areas will benefit from the mildew and bacteria resistance properties of precast concrete (an inorganic material that will not aid the growth of mold spores).


Precast concrete systems provide great flexibility when adding new adjoining space or merging new space with an existing structure. Precast concrete can also provide structural support should additional levels need to be added onto an existing roof.

Modular Construction

Precast concrete is ideal when creating modular structures with identical spaces because many of the mechanical systems and other services can be installed prior to delivery to the site. This limits the amount of on-site labor needed, and requires only final connection after a completed unit is erected in its final location.

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