Design Benefits

Precast concrete offers a wide range of design benefits – most notable is the speed with which it can be fully designed, cast, delivered, and erected during the construction process.

Mid South provides valuable technical assistance during the design process from initial conception through final design, including detailed precast product specifications, drawings and erection procedures.
Once project plans are finalized, Mid South Prestress plant-fabricates precast concrete components under factory-controlled conditions while foundation work is in progress. This gives contractors a significant head start before the job site is available and ensures that the construction project stays on schedule and meets necessary deadlines.  Additionally, production and erection can be easily handled year-round, eliminating the need to add “cushions” to project timetables to accommodate unforeseen schedule creep and delays caused by inclement weather during winter months. Year-round construction can significantly reduce overhead costs and enable the building for faster occupancy.

Weeks or months can often be cut from the construction schedule since precast concrete components can begin to be erected shortly after foundations are ready. Achieving a rapid enclosure enables interior trades to begin work earlier and decreases concerns for weather or material damage during erection, reducing the contractor’s risks and costs.

Mid South Prestress has years of experience applying proven technical expertise and precast building system knowledge to complex construction projects of all types and sizes. We encourage you to contact us today to discuss your design challenges and learn more about the economical benefits precast concrete can bring to your project.